By a friend from high school. Love it so much so I had to share 🙂 I am born of the heaven, And raised in the sea As Shakespeare waxes lyrics, about love, poetry and me I grew up with mountains, And cried with the skies There’s peace in my heart, And freedom in my […]

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Your Smile :)

I never thought I’d fall in love, but I feel in love with you I never knew love could be, so sweet, so kind, so true I wish I could hold you, forever and a day You know that I love you, much more than words can say I love you for the things you […]

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Poisonous heart

poisonous heart

My heart is a poisonous organ living inside me. It finds pure pleasure from my cries and complete satisfaction from my destruction. My heart is infecting my body causing me pain, my heart thrills from my misery and revels in attacking and hurting me. My heart is getting it’s revenge on me, my heart is […]

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