The Book of Love by Asha King

Sometimes what we want in life is not necessarily what we need and Asha King shows this so well in her romance novel The Book of Love. I read this novel in one sitting not just because it’s short but because it’s super captivating and funny at the same time. The characters in the novel had such great chemistry right from the beginning.

I am blushing. I read enough erotica that my mother would probably die of embarrassment, and yet now I’m blushing in front of “Delilah Daniels.” Please let the earth open up and swallow me whole.

The novel is about a romance novel author and his editor. Yes, you read it right the romance novel writer is male and not just a normal male but a super-hot and super sexy male. A man who can write the most erotic scenes and leave you wondering how the hell he knows what turns woman on.

When Carter Daniel aka Delilah Daniels fails to meet his deadline for his new erotic novel the publishing agency sends Janaeh as his editor to make sure he gets the job done. Carter has just gone through a divorce and is still pinning for his ex-wife.

Who can write in those conditions.

HEARTBREAK is the reason he can no longer write, so he thinks.

I love that the author is not afraid to talk about racial issues in the romance novel industry.

“Because you can’t just decide, okay, your heroine’s black and have that be the end of it. Depending on the location, you have to consider how an interracial couple will be received by other characters.”

Another big reason I really loved this novel was the actual novel that Carter was writing, two books in one and both equally as erotic.

Both were about art in their different forms. Writing and painting.

Both in love with their muse.

“Was that your reward for your word count or mine?” She leaned back against his arms to meet his eyes, colour rushing to her cheeks. “I wouldn’t be writing the book if not for you”

The Book of Love has the most unexpected twists and the chemistry and love between the characters is so believable. I really truly enjoyed the Book of Love and would recommend it to people looking for something sweet and with a happy ending.

If you have read The Book of Love before leave a comment below on how you felt about it and if you haven’t happy reading.

The Book of Love Book Cover The Book of Love
Asha King
Asha King Books
June 5, 2015

Romance editor Janaeh Forrester is a problem solver. A Jill of all trades, she’s worked in all aspects of publishing and no challenge is too big for her to overcome. It’s this reputation that leads her new employer to send her after the elusive Delilah Daniels, their top selling romance writer, who won’t deliver her latest manuscript and made the last editor quit.

But “Delilah” is nothing that Janaeh expects. It’s the pen name of Carter Daniels, a thirty-something man as sexy as he is arrogant and frustrating.

Six months have passed since Carter’s divorce was finalized and writing happily-ever-afters seems like a lie he can no longer tell. When Janaeh shows up at his door with a schedule in hand and threats to take back his advance if he doesn’t meet his deadlines, he assumes it’s a joke. But his attractive new editor is there to see that he finishes the book, driving him mad with both irritation and desire.

Her presence stirs up something far more sinister, however: Janaeh is directly in the path of Carter’s more fanatical followers, and someone will stop at nothing to get her out of the way.

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