My Best Book Movie Adaptation

Whenever I hear that my favourite novel is being turned into a movie adaptation I get so excited sometimes I can’t contain myself. My brother can attest to my screams when I first watch a trailer of a book I love being turned into a movie adaptation.

In the previous couple of years the movie industry has turned so many beloved books into movies that it has become a norm. I’m not sure if from a writers perspective if having a movie adaptation of your book show greater success but sometimes the directors mess up the movie so badly you wish that they hadn’t even tried. BUT there are those movies that go way beyond the expected and just leave you in awe. I have watched The Notebook and The Time Traveller’s Wife and I completely love these movies but because I haven’t read the books I am not sure if they were done justice.

The movie adaptations sometimes are so great that they make you fall in love with the books themselves all over again. This was true for me with the movie The Fault in Our Stars, I cried like a baby with both and I am completely in love with both.

With this list I have moved away from just my normal romance novel theme.

With any further delay here are my all-time best book movie adaptation to date. This list only consists of the book movie adaptation of books and movies I have read and watched.

  1. The Harry Potter Books

These were EPIC if I have to say so myself. I loved every single one of the Harry Potter movies. I had started watching the movies before the actual books but after the first movie I had read all the books before the next movie came out.

Harry Potter

  1. The Twilight Books

I read these books before the movies came out and was actually in love with them. When the blockbuster came out I actually enjoyed it, YES I said it. I LOVE THE TWILIGHT MOVIES. Mostly the first and last with both books and movies.

Twilight Saga

  1. The Fault in Our Stars

I start tearing up every time I think of this book or movie. The directors did an outstanding job with bringing this book to life. I cry every time I watch their eulogies.

  1. The Hunger Games Books

Although the movies left out a chunk load of stuff from the book that I would have loved them to show I still am the hugest Hunger Games fan for both the books and the movies.

*Squeal* the last movie is coming out in November. Watch the trailer below, hope you scream as much as I did when I first saw it. Super excited, I AM READY – Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the 76th Hunger Game.

  1. The Host

My love for this book was so strong that when I went and actually watched the movie I was a little nervous. The movie was not as great as I expected it to be but I didn’t hate it either. You would love the movie more if you have not actually read the book first, but it still makes my list purely because they got the cast right to the T especially Ian and Jared.

The Host

Which is your best book movie adaptation? Share your loves in the comment section below.


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  1. It is nice to have a website like this several times I have seen a movie based upon the book and I usually like the book instead of the movie but with your reviews it helps to understand both

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