Opposites attract with the Sinclairs

This book is a sweet romance novel about how two completely different people change each other for the better. The book has great moments from funny moments that will have you laughing out loud (literally) and moments that will have you blushing from how hot some of the scenes get.

“No such thing as sexual chemistry, my ass. We were both about to go up in flames, and I wasn’t even fucking her”

Dante Sinclair is the epitome of an alpha male. His dirty mouth, his dominance and his so secure in his masculinity that he can show his soft caring side without a second thought to how he looks. And he is gracious at losing to a woman.

Sarah is an innocent, genius doctor who does not believe in things that could not be explained by science and sexual chemistry was one of them. I loved this character so much, she was a strong independent woman who understood her vulnerabilities and was willing to experiment and experience what she was missing out on.

This book has me in love with the Sinclair brothers. The sideline story of the youngest brother got me so interested I can’t wait for the book to be released at the end of July.

This book is deliciously predictable with an obvious happy ending. 🙂

For those that have read the book share your views below and if you haven’t happy reading.



The Sinclairs Series

Sinclair Novella: The Billionaire’s Christmas

Book 1: No Ordinary Billionaire

Book 2: The Forbidden Billionaire

No Ordinary Billionaire Book Cover No Ordinary Billionaire
The Sinclairs Series
J.S Scott
Billionaire Romance
Montlake Romance
March 31, 2015

Dante Sinclair never cared about his family’s money. All the ultra-sexy billionaire ever wanted was to be a cop; and now that he’s a homicide detective in Los Angeles, he’s a damn good one. But when he is injured and loses his partner in the line of duty, he returns to his vacation home in Amesport, Maine, to recover. With a mouth as dangerous as the streets he protects, Dante knows no one can ever heal or tame him.

Sarah Baxter, a brilliant young doctor still struggling with her stifled upbringing, has recently moved from Chicago to sleepy Amesport to escape her past, hoping to find peace. When Sarah is assigned to Dante’s case, there’s an instant heat between them. They couldn't possibly be more different, yet their intense passion is impossible to ignore. As burning desires awaken within Sarah, her haunted past returns, threatening her once again. Can Dante overcome his grief and unravel the secrets Sarah is hiding in time to protect and rescue her?

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